So this is it; my very first blog post. If you’ve made it this far, then thank you very much for having an interest in my life. I created this blog for 2 reasons. Reason 1 is to have a way of telling my story in the future - people can come here and see what I was up to in my life and see that, while I do play games, I am by no means idle. The second reason is to help those around me - for as long as I can remember I have been someone for others to depend on whenever it comes to something technical, be it family, friends, course mates or even teachers/lecturers. I want to expand my horizons and make my mark on the world somehow, so I figured sharing things on here is a start.


I started helping people when I made a YouTube Channel which I have used previously in life to share the little knowledge I had on video games. You could say I got big (..bigger than most at least?) from just making tutorials that people stumbled across. I hope to reboot it (again) and use it for Unreal Engine, DirectX, XNA/MonoGame and general programming tutorials in the future. While I’m by no means a professional yet, I do have one thing on my side - the experience of learning. I have always said that I learn through mimicry - copying someone who already knows how. You may think of this is cheating, and I’d agree. However, it has been a very good skill for both learning and teaching. The best way to describe it is when you learn from a friend rather than the teacher - things you’ve probably heard before get skipped and the most crucial or difficult parts are expanded automatically. Hopefully this is reinforced by what I write in the future.


As for my ambitions, I want to program. That’s literally it. To me, nothing is more fun than programming something you have a personal interest in, pulling all-nighters to make it perfect. Right now, I am studying Computer Science for games at Sheffield Hallam Uni - so it’s easy to see that I would prefer something gaming related purely because the end product appeals to me more. True end game for me, would be to succeed with my own studio that I am hopefully receiving funding for next year, BestInSlot, or alternatively work at a successful studio that I look up to, like The GD Studio. I’ll detail my reasons why I love the GD studio in another blog, but if you want a reason now, google ‘Diabotical’.


A demo at the work I’ve done the same night as I wrote this
A demo at the work I’ve done the same night as I wrote this

Feel free to have a peek at my Github to see what I’m working on. While a lot of things on there are for Uni or contain sensitive info like IPs and are therefore private, there are a few public repos I have up. These are mostly projects I use to test my own ability - much like GLaDOS, I feel this itch to program and work towards some form of goal. Currently, a university module dedicated to programming games is capturing most of my attention. Shown above, it’s not much to look at now, but I was the one to work on the level including how it generates, despawns and interacts with the player. This is the first time I have used DirectX and the second time I’ve ‘made’ my own engine (the first being through the Monogame framework and C#) and I am loving it. I would hate to work at a studio where my position in conjunction with the number of people would dilute my contribution - I like to work hard and make an impact, so right now this project is satisfying my need to create things.

Taste In Games

To finish off my very first blog post, here is a list of games that mean something to me. This is as of March 25th, 2017.

|– | Category | Game(s) | Reason |– | Favourite Game | Nier Automata | A beautiful story combined with great combat and graphics. | Favourite Series | Metal Gear Solid | A well developed story, amazing quotes and morals, charismatic figures | Childhood Game(s) | TimeSplitters 1,2,3 | Split screen co-op campaign, vs modes, bots and a mapmaker to boot! | Favourite Genre | Arena FPS | I absolutely love the movement, pace and feel of Quake. I miss these games. | Most Played | World Of Warcraft | Whatever I did, WoW was open. Back in the day, this was a second life for me. |–

Wrapping Things Up

I hope you enjoyed this blog. I’m going to keep working on it and put in features like commenting in the future, but for now you’ve got to stick with this. As a final note, my stance on the text-editor war is Emacs with Evil Mode. Took my time finding my answer, but I have never looked back. Want begin the long journey in the same way I did? Check out Vim Adventures to learn the keybindings of Vim, then, look up Evil (Extensible Vi Layer) mode to use these keybindings inside the amazing editor known as Emacs. Note that on Windows, you can use VsVim to make Visual Studio like Vim. Other software, like Chrome/Firefox, Brackets, Atom etc usually have some form of Vi emulation (And I cannot get enough of them!).

Have a good one!